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Jammy & Co is honoured to join hands with Magic Bus to help Educate a Child In India.


How this Happens : From Canada to India
   With every product you purchase, you help pay towards a child's school fees. With your purchases, in our first year we helped 50 children benefit from a school eduction that they wouldn't have had access to otherwise, the numbers have grown since then and we would love to be able to help as many children as possibleWith the power of education Our impact will improve the lives of hundreds of families in the future.
   Magic Bus’ mission is to break the poverty cycle, one child at a time. Over 9,000 youth volunteers from the communities are supported and trained through Magic Bus’ unique mentoring program. These mentors use an activity-based curriculum taking nearly 400,000 children and other youth on a journey from childhood to livelihood. 
Their work equips some of India’s poorest with the life-skills and knowledge they need to grow up and be successful, move out of poverty, and obtain a higher education and dignified career.


    During the last 17 years, impressive results in India have been achieved: 



    These results are possible because our volunteers work to promote gender equality, access to education and health services, as well as the development of a child’s social and emotional skills. Their other key role is to work with the child’s support structure: the parents, the community
at large, and local institutions, to ensure the change we make results in social, emotional, and economic well- being for all children living in that area. 

    The activity-based curriculum developed with support from The World Bank has a strong grounding in academic research and is based on classical learning theories. Sporting activities and games are structured into each session to make them fun and appealing to our children. Sessions are designed to represent real-life situations and challenges so children are able to relate these back to their daily lives.


    On April 10th 2016, Prince William and Kate Middleton visited Mumbai, experienced a Magic Bus session firsthand, and met children whose lives have been changed by the program. They joined the program’s enthusiastic children in an activity-based learning session focusing on the importance of completing the journey from education to a sustainable livelihood.

    If you want to learn more about Magic Bus we invite you to visit their official website.